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Diet / Nutriton

Delicious Protein Cookies

Craving cookies? Well, we’ve got a solution that you are going to love. Plus, it’s healthy and features the awesome Beast Protein. Diets can certainly be difficult, not to mention those cravings for sweets, but Beast athlete Amanda Prescia has the perfect way to curb that sweet tooth: protein cookies! Cookies are a definite go-to… Read more »

Top Beast Supplements For Erica Altman

Beast Sports athlete Erica Altman is prepping to get on stage for the Flex model search during the 2017 Olympia weekend, which means she must choose her supplements wisely. That includes what Beast Sports supplements take priority during this stretch, as Altman looks to get in incredible shape. She has narrowed it down to three… Read more »

Beast Products for Yumon Eaton

For NPC bodybuilder Yumon Eaton, getting the most out of his supplements is a must. With hopes of advancing to the IFBB ranks, Yumon puts a premium on each aspect of his success, whether it’s diet, training or supplementation. Below is a rundown of a typical day of Beast Sports supplement use for Yumon. It… Read more »

Chocolate PB Oreo Protein Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? The Macro-Chef has put together an incredible recipe with Beast Sports chocolate protein, delivering an amazing Chocolate PB Oreo Protein Pancakes recipe. These looks almost too good to be true and they somehow taste even better. It’s a perfect post-workout treat, or a perfect treat when you want a cheat meal but hope… Read more »

Creamy Mango Almond Butter Protein Smoothie

Everyone loves a protein smoothie, and the Macro-Chef has delivered an awesome one, of course with Beast Protein as his go-to! This creation is a delicious creamy mango almond butter protein smoothie, and it is packed with nutrients and protein. This can be an all-purpose smoothie, too, thanks to ingredients like Beast Protein, almond milk, almond… Read more »

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Protein Oatmeal

We’ve got another great protein oatmeal recipe from the Macro-Chef, and this one is sure to please, especially for chocolate lovers. He has created a delicious chocolate peanut butter cup protein oatmeal, made with a scoop of Chocolate Beast Protein. Once again, it’s a simple, effective and tasty recipe that even includes a pair of… Read more »