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Christmas Protein Brownies

Brownies are always a hit during the Christmas season, but what about your protein needs? We’ve got you covered there with some delicious Christmas Protein Brownies, which are made with the awesome Beast Protein. Spencer Miller, aka the Macro-Chef, did a great job coming up with this protein twist on Christmas brownies, and we’ll tell… Read more »

Team Beast Athlete Doing Big Things

As always, Team Beast is doing amazing things in the gym. These athletes represent the true meaning of the word “Beast” inside and outside the gym, and hopefully serve as motivation to everyone who loves Beast Sports Nutrition. These athletes deserve some time in the spotlight and we wanted to feature a pair of them,… Read more »

Event at Camp Pendleton!

We had the honor of meeting some of America’s real life heroes recently at Camp Pendleton. Our very own Tabitha met and took photos with a great group of Marines. We’re happy to share these photos here with you:

Beast Creature Creatine Wins Supplement Of The Year 2015

Beast Sports Nutrition’s Creature® Creatine has won the 2015 Creatine Supplement of The Year on, for the second year in a row, as well as winning breakout brand of the year in 2012 and 2013. Creatine fuels intense weight training and endurance activities to push harder, go faster, and recover quicker. In the process, it… Read more »

Oxygen Magazine Featured Workout Photoshoot

Ever since I started working out, I always looked to the fitness magazines for inspiration. Their pages were filled with delicious recipes, motivation, and fun challenging workouts demonstrated by the most beautiful, in shape and perfectly styled fitness models. I couldn’t get enough of them, I soaked them up like a sponge. I eventually set a… Read more »

Stop Making Excuses

Why do we always seem to come up with excuses for going to the gym? “I don’t have time, this week is too busy, I’ll start next week, I can’t afford to eat healthy, it’s too expensive, or I injured myself so I can’t exercise.” There are so many excuses that get in the way… Read more »

Become A Beast Athlete Search

Sorry… This athlete search ended on August 21, 2015 and the winners were announced at the Mr. Olympia Expo. Please visit us again soon for more contests and promotions! Would you like to Become A Beast? Beast Sports Nutrition is looking for new athletes to join the already outstanding family of athletes on our team…. Read more »