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Life Tips

Preparation Is Key

Preparation is key. It’s a statement people say all the time, especially in our sport. But what does it really mean? At least to me, preparation equals prep. We’ve all heard meal “prep,” contest “prep” and on and on, but it is bigger than used in just these terms. I keep detailed logs and pictures… Read more »

Stay Motivated About The Gym

Don’t feel like going to the gym… would you rather sleep in or hit happy hour after work? We have all been there and I’m sure more likely than not, after skipping the gym you said to yourself, “Oh man, I wish I hit the gym yesterday and didn’t skip my workout.” It’s not every… Read more »

Change For A Happier And Healthier Life

Small Changes – Make a change for a happier and healthier life! Even small changes can improve your health, like finding healthy alternatives of your favorite goodies or adding more lemon to your diet. Eating healthy doesn’t mean food has to taste bad or you can’t enjoy yourself. For example, when baking use applesauce instead… Read more »