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Training Effectively On The Road

Training on the Run: How Can You Maintain Your Physique on the Road? What’s the fastest way to derail someone’s progress? Force them to travel. Humans are largely creatures of habit. They have the innate ability to complete repetitive daily tasks without much conscious thought based upon their prior experiences. However, the fastest way to… Read more »

Stay Motivated About The Gym

So, you don’t feel like going to the gym. Would you rather sleep in or hit happy hour after work? We have all been there and more likely than not, after skipping the gym you said to yourself, “Oh man, I wish I hit the gym yesterday and didn’t skip my workout.” It’s not every… Read more »

At-Home Hamstring And Glute Workout

Team Beast athlete Leslie McCatherine discusses an at-home hamstring and glute that is both challenging and effective! Some of you may not have access to a nearby fitness facility, your schedule might be too tight or maybe you just don’t have the money to spend on a costly gym membership. Whatever the reason may be, working… Read more »