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Don’t Hate Cardio!

Why Does Everybody Hate Cardio? It May Be the Reason You’re Not Making Gains… You’ve probably seen the shirts. Heck, you might even own one of the shirts – “Cardio, more like cardi-no” Cool, you have a general disdain for all things cardio related. While that opinion may be popular on social media, it’s rather short sighted… Read more »

Benefits of BCAA Ripped

As a competitive bodybuilder proper recovery from exercise is everything to me. If I don’t recover,  I don’t grow. It’s that simple. Insufficient recovery is one of the most common culprits of stifled progress in the gym. Inadequate rest and improper nutrition/supplementation can all contribute to an inability to recover from exercise. Aside from proper… Read more »

Top Beast Supplements For Erica Altman

Beast Sports athlete Erica Altman is prepping to get on stage for the Flex model search during the 2017 Olympia weekend, which means she must choose her supplements wisely. That includes what Beast Sports supplements take priority during this stretch, as Altman looks to get in incredible shape. She has narrowed it down to three… Read more »

Effective And Simple Barbell Workout

Want to switch up your routine? All you need is a barbell, plates and rack and you can do this effective and simple barbell workout. It’s a 5-exercise routine that’s effective at building muscle, boosting your metabolism and burning fat. First, be sure to warm up properly. (Example: 10 bodyweight squats, 10 bodyweight lunges, 10… Read more »