Benefits of BCAA Ripped

As a competitive bodybuilder proper recovery from exercise is everything to me. If I don’t recover,  I don’t grow. It’s that simple. Insufficient recovery is one of the most common culprits of stifled progress in the gym. Inadequate rest and improper nutrition/supplementation can all contribute to an inability to recover from exercise. Aside from proper rest and nutrition, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) have always been a staple for me.

I have never been a fan of BCAA products that contain stimulants. With the caffeine content of most of the preworkout products on the market, additional stimulants just aren’t necessary. This is why Beast Sports’ BCAA Ripped is my product of choice. It is a 100% stimulant-free BCAA product that improves recovery and increases gains in lean muscle mass, while simultaneously burning fat. I have also noticed a huge difference in sustained energy while I am training. I am no longer experiencing a sudden decrease in energy levels halfway through my workouts, which had been typical for me.

A secondary benefit of BCAA Ripped is that it won’t keep you up at night. I have experienced many nights in which I could not sleep after taking a product loaded with stimulants. BCAA Ripped is the only product I have used that I can take at night and still sleep well afterwards. As we all know, adequate sleep is essential for proper recovery from exercise.

No other amino acid product on the market combines BCAAs with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). The MCTs provide the fuel for increased stamina and energy, while the CLA contributes to fat loss and sculpting. With 5000 mg of BCAAs per serving, 3000 mg of MCTs and 250 mg of CLA, BCAA Ripped is the perfect combination of ingredients to help fuel epic workouts, recover and burn fat as well.

BCAA Ripped is the perfect product for anyone searching for a more natural alternative for stamina or fat loss. It compliments ketogenic diets very well and can be a great addition for anyone wanting to live a greener lifestyle. The fact that there are no stimulants also allows you to take this product at any time during the day. Many people like to take their BCAAs upon waking up in the morning, even before breakfast. This begins the recovery process immediately because amino acids do not have to be digested. They are immediately absorbed. Many people take their fat burners before breakfast as well. Taking BCAA Ripped before your breakfast combines the two into one product. It can also serve as a “pick me up” in the morning to get you charged for your day!

In my next blog entry I will share with you exactly how I incorporate BCAA Ripped into my own supplement regimen. I will reveal my entire supplement protocol, including which Beast Sports products are my personal favorites, when I use them and exactly how much I use.

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