New Year, New Beast!

With the new year under way, many of us have high expectations for 2018. Healthier lifestyle choices are often at the top of these resolution lists. Whether it is exercising more regularly or incorporating a cleaner diet, consistency is always the key. It is easy to be motivated starting the year. But it is critical to keep that motivation up throughout the year if you want to meet your goals. Again, that comes down to consistency. But I come bearing good news when it comes to consistency with your diet.

Contrary to popular belief, following a clean diet does not have to be as difficult or boring as many believe. It doesn’t have to be ultra-strict and include a bunch of food you do not enjoy. Eating cleanly can be both enjoyable and rewarding. When properly prepared, clean foods can be full of flavor! That makes it a lot easier to reach your goals when you can continue to enjoy flavorful foods, and you actually look forward to and like.

The program highlighted below is a perfect example of “flexible dieting.” It is easily incorporated into any nutrition regimen, too, ensuring positive results while including incredibly savory foods. The method below is similar to what I’ve used to great success, and I would certainly recommend it to someone to try.

Here’s an example of a meal plan using the flexible dieting method:

Meal 1: 4 egg whites + 80 grams oatmeal + 50 grams blueberries + 80 grams strawberries (chopped)

No. 2: 25 grams of Beast Protein + 50 grams cream of rice + 10 grams peanut butter

Meal 3: 10 oz cod fish + 100 grams steamed jasmine rice + 80 grams pineapple

No. 4: 4 oz chicken or turkey breast (cooked) + 1 medium sized sweet potato + 80 grams mixed veggies (steamed)

Meal 5: 6 oz Bison + 100 grams spinach (raw or cooked)

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That gives you a great variety of foods that taste good and are filling at the same time. Plus, you add in a Beast Protein shake and those are always delicious.

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It’s 2018 – time for a year of “A New You, A New Beast!”

* Consume at least 1 gallon of water daily!